Simplicity over Complexity
WentPostal is a customized e-mail service designed for individuals, families and small businesses. Most people receive their e-mail from their Internet Service Provider, with an address like You376@AOL.com or some other ISP address. With WentPostal e-mail you get an address that is customized for you with addresses like You@YourFamilyName.com or You@YourBiz.com

You are in Control
WentPostal provides decentralized e-mail services that you control. Using our Internet-based control panel, a site Administrator can Add, Change or Delete an e-mail address in minutes. 

Includes a one-page Web Site
Your WentPostal service includes a one-page web site that can be used to publish general information such as contact information, hours of business, a map to your location or pictures of the family. Additional web site development is available. Click here to see the web site template. 

The Process
Start the process by clicking on the Order button on the left. We'll answer any questions and if you want to proceed, we will then secure your domain name and setup the e-mail system just for you. You'll need to identify your E-mail Administrator, who will be our chief contact. We'll work with this person to setup the complete system. We'll teach the Administrator how to access the control panel and administer your e-mail server. It's very simple.  

We sell e-mail services in blocks. The first block of 10 e-mails addresses are provided for $120 per year. Each additional block of 10 e-mail boxes is $60 per year. 
Includes domain name registration for 1 year! 

It usually takes about a week from the time you give us the go-ahead to the time that your e-mail system is up and working. We do not charge a setup fee.

To see a demonstration of our web-based service, click the Demo button on the left.